Improve Your Test Cases: Test Case Design Techniques for the Real World

This one day course teaches participants to apply best practice test case design techniques to real world testing.

Course Features

  • Based on best practice test case design techniques
  • Best practice interpreted against a background of practical experience gained during the testing of large, complex software applications
  • Learning reinforced by practical exercises

Participant Benefits

  • Understanding of test case design techniques
  • Ability to apply test case design techniques to real-world problems
  • Ability to select the appropriate test case design technique

Who Should Attend

  • Test Managers, Test Engineers, Testers, Quality Assurance Staff
  • Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Systems Analysts, Functional Analysts
  • User Representatives, Subject Matter Experts, Project managers, Program Managers
  • Software Engineers, Developers, Requirements Engineers, Requirements Analysts, Human Factors Specialists
  • Process Engineers, Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) Staff, Methodologists, Process Improvement Staff

Course Duration

  • 1 day

Course Agenda

What is a Test Case?

  • Views of Quality
  • Gaps Between the Views of Quality
  • Software Testing Objectives
  • Test Case Definition
  • Test to Pass vs. Test to Fail

Test Case Design Techniques

  • Testing is Not Black and White
  • Test Case Design Techniques
    • Program Code (Brief)
    • Boundary Models
    • Decsion Models
    • State Models

Program Code

  • Decisions
  • Conditions
  • Branches
  • Using Models to Predict the Behaviour of Program Code

Boundary Models

  • Boundary Models
  • Boundary Value Examples

Testing in Partitions

  • Ranges of Values
  • Lists of Discrete Values
  • Invalid Partitions
  • Field Length Partitions
  • Selecting Test Cases
  • Applying to the User Interface
  • Partitions and Risk

Testing on Boundaries

  • Selecting Test Cases
  • Precision and Rounding
  • Applying to the User Interface

Decision Models

  • Constructing Decision Tables
    • Conditions and Truth Tables
    • Identifying Actions
    • Simplifying Truth Tables
  • Test to Pass
  • Test to Fail
  • All Pairs Testing

State Models

  • States
  • Transitions
  • Test to Pass
  • Tests to Fails
  • Testing Scenarios

Test Cases and Coverage

  • Coverage Items
  • Coverage Matrix